Upcoming Blog Post: Survivor Interview

I have just finished listening to and transcripting a fascinating interview with Pam Warren, the survivor of a horrific train crash in Ladbroke Grove. Pam was christened ”The Lady in the Mask” by the British press and became something of a sensation as she selflessly fought for a proper investigation of the rail crash. She completely turned her life around, reshuffled her priorities, and became an author and motivational speaker. Together with her wonderful assisstant, Jill, Pam very kindly provided me with answers to my six questions. In fact, she didn’t just provide me with written comments, but instead taped a proper reply to each of my query. I preferred the tape to my transcript, to be honest, but I believe my readers would prefer written material, so I ended up typing it out, and will be posting it shortly please G-d.

Note: The interview isn’t at all related to Judaism, but this blog is a place for inspiration and Pam is an extremely inspiring woman!


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