Chol HaMoed

Chol HaMoed- both mundane and Holy- are the intermediate days of Peysekh and Sukkos. Many have the minhag not to write during this time, though people are pretty lenient about typing. Usually. But still, many, most even, feel it’s best avoided, because it’s a skilled craft (melacha). Friendly emails (without a singature!) are almost definitely muttar but blogging… I don’t know. I was going to take a break, but I don’t think I should now. It’s recreation, not work, and let’s face it, I’m hardly skilled. Plus I would definitely incur a loss (followers!) if I stopped. So I think it’s okay.

Honestly, two days away from the keyboard are enough to pretty much kill me. Sukkos hasn’t been treating me all too great but I wish everyone a frielichen Sukkos!


This article also appeared here.


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