Finding the Rebbe

This article is written by my friend Eitan; I simply edited it!

At the beginning of my military service I went to a doctor and he realised that I had a breathing problem (I felt it some years earlier but didn’t do anything about it). Then I was required to undergo a simple operation. After a long period of waiting they did the surgery and it went well, today I breath so much more easily! But while I was at home, recovering I had to occupy myself. I did many things, one of which was learning to play the guitar (amateur level). My mother had a coupon for a random book in a certain store at a local mall. She didn’t plan to use it, because she said that we had enough books. I decided to try and look for an interesting book. I drove to the store and didn’t find a good book, even though I really searched a lot. Then, I suddenly saw (Dr. Yehiel Harari’s) new book about the Rebbe! And I realized why Hashem sent me to the store in the first place. It was a new book and I was surprised to find out that it was on the shelf with the other coupon books. I bought it immediately and came back home with a giant smile…


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