101 Posts

I’ve apparently made 100 posts on Jewish Thoughts. When I click ‘Publish’, this will be my 101st. When I noticed I had reached 98 yesterday, I felt… Something. I wasn’t quite sure what. Pride, maybe? But not too much pride; my earliest articles leave a lot to be desired, and I daresay my newer ones aren’t that amazing, either. Hope? Perhaps a degree of hope for the future… But then again, who’s to say how long I’ll keep this up for? Satisfaction, then? Not really. I rarely look at an article and feel satisfied, so why would I feel satisfied looking at a number?

I guess I’m just incredibly thankful. Thankful to Hashem for letting me get this far. Thankful to my followers and readers, for motivating me to carry on. Thankful to all the authors and rabbonim who have inspired me. I know that 100 really isn’t that big a number, but to me, it is something at least. It means a lot.Writing is a solace for me. It helps me get through difficult times. My favourite articles, my ‘best’ articles are ones I’ve written when I’m feeling heartbroken, crushed, or alone. Hashem has given me a great gift, the ability to share my words and thoughts. And I intend to use it.

Thank You.


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