Shanah Tovah!!!

So, this is my first ‘orthodox’ Rosh Hashanah. An I’ll be honest, the planning hasn’t gone brilliantly, but that’s not because of orthodoxy, it’s because I have a difficult family. I’m trying to remember, it’s not about the meals and greetings, it’s about the meaning. It’s not about last year, it’s about the new year. Of course, it’s so easy to get caught up in material aspects, though. Particularly in my circumstances. I’m praying that 5777 is going to be a brilliant and special year, not just for me but for everyone. I would love to extend my thanks to all my accquaintances and rabbonim, who don’t read my blog. But in case you ever discover it and look back on this post, thank you! Thank you so much. Rabbi Y in particular- no way could I have gotten through this year without you. Thank you to all my readers and followers, may you be blessed with an absolutely magnificent new year. I’ll be back on Wednesday, hopefully full of inspiration and articles to write after my break.

Shanah Tovah!


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