Thank You, G-d

Thank You, G-d.

Thank you for the amazing miracles you’ve brought me today. I’m still alive. I have running water, a roof over my head, a family, bookshelves lined with Your Holy texts. I have You. So many people in the world are suffering, starving, dying- and here I am, perfectly healthy, with everything I could ever need, sitting in front of my computer and typing. How many people have never done this? How many people are suffering right now, this very minute? People who have lost children. People who don’t know where their next meal will come from. And yet I have You, and everything You have given me, so thank you.

Thank you for the small miracles, too. Thank you for all the little things, the things most people don’t notice. Truth be told, I don’t always notice them myself. I don’t notice the small gifts you give me every day. The blessings. So thank you for those, as well. Thank you for… the fact my new sefer arrived. Thank you for making my brother so happy in his new school after studying was a struggle for him for so many years. Thank you for making me decide to get back in touch with an old friend yesterday- it really made my day. Thank you for everything, G-d.

I won’t lie. It’s not all blessings and happy occasions. There are struggles, too. I’m struggling today, and it isn’t always easy. But I recognise how lucky I am to be able to put these thoughts into words, to spread these words, and to praise You. So thank you for that, too…


2 thoughts on “Thank You, G-d

  1. I like this insight. very profound. It reminds me of the guy Alon, that I often visit in the hospital. After the car accident he had, he was subsequently left without the ability to bread by himself, and pretty much paralyzed to his bed. He is a ba’al tshuva now, and he believes he suffers in order to atone sins of the Israeli nation. He always conveys the message: how much we have to appreciate the ability to rub our eyes or to scratch when we want to. He can’t do it, he has to ask someone else to do it for him. we don’t even notice when we do these small things. Sometimes I observe it too. When I see a baby, an old man, or someone sick. Even walking regularly will cause them great joy. So we do have many reasons to praise god. The problem is that we usually look on what we are missing and not on what we have. It is important to want to improve in the aspects of life, but it is also important to stop sometimes and observe what Hashem gave already gave us…

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