G-d is closer than ever

If I wanted to ring someone in another country, it’d probably cost me a lot of money. Long distance telephone calls are notoriously pricy. But if I was in the same country as them, I could just pick up the telephone and not have to worry too much about the cost. What’s more, I’d have a much better chance of hearing what they’re saying. It’s difficult to hear someone from across the Atlantic!

Throughout the year, we may daven vigorously, raising our voices in prayer to G-d. And our prayers aren’t always answered. Sometimes, He seems very, very distant. It’s like a long distance telephone call. He is up in the Heavens above, and we’re down here, shockelling away. But in Elul, everything changes. Suddenly, G-d is here, with us. It’s like talking to someone right next to you. He’s examining our hearts and minds and listening to our prayers.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the Siddur and start davening right away. G-d can hear you loud and clear!


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