Thank You, Hashem

I’ve been on a lot of journeys recently. Physical ones, and spiritual ones, too. Some have been pleasurable. Some have been gruelling. Some have left me wondering. I’ve reached a time in my life in which I recognise certain things need to change- it’s just ironic that change is exactly what I fear the most. But I’ve learned a lot, I can say that for sure. Currently, I’m focussing on the small things. I’ve become dependent and difficult to please, and I want to see the miracles all around me. The beauty. The gifts. The treasures. The Torah. Yes, that’s right, despite my countless “The Torah is everywhere!” articles, I’m the one who needs the most help seeing it. Using this analogy, I’d go to the opticians if I was having trouble seeing. And today, my spiritual eyesight was flagging a little. I needed to see the Holiness around me a bit better. I wasn’t sure quite who to visit. But in the end, I went down the river, around and about, and I realised how much I love water. It’s a great blessing. And I love being on the river so much. Thank You, Hashem, for all of today’s miracles.


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