Shabbat Shalom!

Tomorrow is 17 Tammuz but because it’s Shabbos the fast will be postponed until Sunday. Check for some info about Tammuz 17 (it’s really got an amazing background) and make sure you begin your fast at the appropriate time for your location! The same for Shabbat times; these times are for London only, but for those in London, candles must be lit at 8:45 PM, and Shabbat ends at 10:07 PM. It’s unbelievable how early it’s getting to be!

This Shabbos we’ll be reading the final portion of Parshas Balak. If you want some background info on the Parsha, please check out Chabad’s “Balak in a nutshell” and “Balak in depth”, plus my article on the Parsha. Why not set aside some time on Shabbat to study the Torah?

Shabbat Shalom!


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