Tammuz 12

Tammuz 12 is the Festival of Liberation. Just like Tammuz 13, it will be marked by celebration, in the form of Chassidic gatherings. What exactly is being celebrated?

On Tammuz 12, 5687, the sixth Rebbe, R. Yosef Yitzchok, was freed from exile, following his imprisonment- a punishment for his attempts to spread the performance of mitzvot and Torah study. Additionally, he was born on this day in 5640!

Coincidentally, Parshas Balak, which is this week’s Parsha, reveals that “A star steps out of Yaakov and a rod rises from Israel”. This is thought to refer to either the Moshiach, or every Jew (both found in the Jerusalem Talmud). Every Jew contains inside himself the spark of Moshiach, and can bring forth the Moshiach through the study of Torah and performance of mitzvot.

By following the Rebbe’s lead, no matter what price we have to pay (exile, imprisonment, or even- G-d forbid- death), we will hasten the Moshiach’s arrival (may it come speedily and in our days).



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