Why do we keep Kosher?

Keeping Kosher sounds like the most mundane part of Orthodoxy, and that’s exactly why it’s so special.

It’s fairly well known that for observant Jews, G-d is present in all parts of our lives. We act in the way that He wants us to, and this influences the way we speak, the clothes we wear, the education we give our children, how we spend Shabbes, and also what we eat. In all honesty, food and eating is pretty boring, in comparison to the beauty of Shabbes, or the study of Torah. But, when we keep Kosher- and that means keeping a Kosher kitchen, and avoiding certain foods- we honour G-d in a special way. We make the mundane holy.

It’s impossible to deny that that is especially beautiful. By making everyday activities become holy, we are performing a great mitzvah, and accepting G-d into every part of our lives. This is why we keep Kosher.


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