The 10-point Mitzvah campaign

This is just a short article, and without the level of insight which my Torah study article had (I hope) but I wrote it shortly before Gimmel Tammuz wanting to spread the word about the Rebbe’s 10 point mitzvah campaign. The mitzvot are;

1. Lighting Shabbes Candles- Women and girls only.

2. Putting on Tefillin- Men only.

3. Affixing Mezuzot- Scrolls on your doorposts.

4. Torah- Daily Torah study.

5. Tzedakah- Giving to charity daily.

6. Seforim- Accquiring holy books.

7. Kashrut- Keeping Kosher.

8. Ahavas Yisroel- Loving your fellow.

9. Chinuch- Jewish education for your children.

10. Taharat HaMishpacha- Laws of family purity.

Following the Yahrzeit on Shabbes, I strongly reccomend that everyone chooses a mitzvah and heads over to to research it!

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