How should I start studying Torah?

If this article is a success, I may consider starting a series about how to start keeping Halacha and performing mitzvot. Today, I want to write about how others can begin to study and find meaning in the Torah.

I’ll start by saying that is a priceless resource and probably the best place to start. It provides the daily Torah portion in a clear, easy to read format, in both Hebrew and English with Rashi’s commentary, along with a range of Torah articles from all sorts of perspectives.

I started by reading the daily portion and I think this is a great way to begin. A 5-10 minute session each day is easier than a 40 minute session on Shabbos. So, my first piece of advice would be to go to Chabad’s daily study portal and begin reading the day’s portion. It’s preferable to start your day this way, but you don’t have to. You can read it in English, and if you don’t understand something, look at the commentary, google it, or ask your rabbi.

After doing this for a week or two (or whenever you feel like it), I recommend you start paying extra special attention to the commentary. It can be daunting at first, but this is where the secret of Torah study lies.

Your next step should be to seek out some articles on the Parsha. Chabad’s “Parsha in a nutshell” is a good starting point, and from there, you can browse Chabad’s articles on Chassidus, episodes in the Parsha, and womens’ Torah study. is useful, as well, and has plenty of captivating articles.

And of course, always remember what the Gerer Rebbe said- you can only ever know a little Torah!


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