Anyone can provide Kiruv

Apparently, lots of people contact Chabad looking for job industries in the kiruv circle. While this is pretty understandable, I think Chabad needs to emphasise to these people how anyone can provide kiruv (and perhaps they do- I’m not criticising Chabad). Even someone who’s not actively looking to be a shaliach or shlucha should consider ways in which they can provide outreach. After all, whether you identify as Chabad or not, you have an obligation to provide chinuch to others!

Think of it this way. In the 20th century, at least, everyone was obligated to teach children respect and good manners and a good work ethic. Even if it wasn’t your child, and you were just a friend of the parents, or a local shopkeeper (for example), you’d teach the kid about looking up to his elders and saying please and thank you and the suchlike. Why mightn’t this apply to the children of Israel?

It’s the same concept. You might be thinking, “it’s no business of mine what Mr. Cohen does, I’d rather he didn’t eat pork but it’s not up to me to change that”. Reader, it is up to you. If you’re Jewish, you have a duty to help him embrace his Jewish roots by taking upon himself the mitzvah of kosher. So how does one do this?

I’ll start by saying what you shouldn’t do; shout, confront, accuse, act aggressively, or shame him. Instead, you invite him for a Shabbes dinner. Then again. Then again. Then again. Then again. And if he hasn’t yet grasped just how beautiful kosher is- no big deal, you simply ask him if he’s interested in learning about it. If he says no, let it pass for a while longer, until you know him well, and consider how you can best get through to him. As time passes, it’ll become clear- and make sure you offer to help kosher the kitchen with him!


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